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    Taster Kit Details

    Da Hong Pao

    A dark roasted oolong tea grown in the Wuyi Mountain Range in Fujian Province. After harvesting, the leaves are slowly baked over a hot charcoal fire, allowing a deeper oxidation than other oolongs. The liquor has a deep, toasty flavour with a subtle sweetness and hints of roasted nuts and dark chocolate.

    Nettle Mint and Lemongrass

    Herbal tea containing a blend of tingly mint leaves, fresh wild lemongrass and gentle nettles. These fresh and high-quality ingredients have all been grown in the beautiful mountains and plains of Assam, India, then carefully blended together by our master blenders to produce a delicious infusion.

    Silver Needles

    A light and slightly-oxidised white tea picked in the town of Panxizhen, Fujian Province, China. For the production of Silver Needles, only the highest grade of tea leaf is used i.e. the leaf buds before opening. The brewed tea is a mouth-watering pale-yellow colour, with a flowery aroma and fine notes of fresh melon and apricots.

    Fujian Maofeng

    This freshly-harvested Fujian green tea was picked in Spring 2018 at 400-500m in Hulin Village, Fujian Province. Long, slightly twisted leaves produce a smooth high-quality jade green liquor, sweet to taste and full of antioxidants. Maofeng tea is highly-celebrated within China and is on the list of top ten teas in China.

    Jasmine Xianghao

    A fresh loose leaf green tea plucked from tea bushes in the village of Panxizhen, high up in the Chinese Mountains. After harvesting in spring, the leaves are kept in cold storage until summer, when they are laid beneath a fresh jasmine flowers over several nights in order to absorb the wonderful flavour and aroma of the flowers.

    Golden Peony

    A traditional roasted black tea produced from young buds harvested in Spring 2017 in the north-west of Fujian Province, China. The relatively-large and twisted tea leaves are produced by hand in the traditional method, and yield a smooth amber liquor with notes of fruit, charcoal nuts and dark chocolate.

    Milk Oolong

    A milk-flavoured oolong tea plucked from bushes high in the mountains of Anxi County, Fujian Province, China. Oolong leaves undergo complex processing including sun withering, oxidation, curling and twisting. When brewed in hot water, the leaves yield a delightful yellow liquor with a sweet, cream-like aroma and taste.

    Assam Masala Chai

    A traditional blend of Assam black tea leaves, perfectly balanced with herbs and spices from the Indian subcontinent. The leaves brew a rejuvenating copper-brown liquor with a bold fresh flavour with subtle hints of cardamon and ginger. Chai can be brewed with steamed or frothed milk to create delicious Chai Lattes.

    Dragon Well Longjing

    A fresh pan-roasted green tea grown in Spring 2017 in Longjing Village, near Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Longjing - the most famous tea in China - produces a delicate yellow liquor with a subtle vegetal and sweet flavour. The leaves are pan-roasted early in order to prevent the natural oxidisation process.