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    Weigh out approximately 2 to 3 grams / 1 teaspoon of pearls. Infuse the tea leaves in a teapot or gaiwan filled with freshly-heated 75-80ºC water for approximately three minutes. The hot water should magically unfurl the pearls - yielding a lovely pale green liquor in the process. When brewing delicate green teas, it is important to avoid using too hot water that can ruin the leaves and leave a bitter taste in your cup. You can reuse the same leaves to steep many cups of tea, until the flavour from the leaves has been exhausted. Feel free to adjust the weight of tea leaves used, water temperature and steeping time to suit your personal taste.


    Panxizhen Tea Garden, China

    Jasmine Pearls are made using only the highest-quality, top-grade green tea material grown from Fuding Da Bai Cultivar tea bushes in the Panxizhen Tea Garden. This tea garden is situated at an elevation of 400-500m in Fuding County, Fujian Province, China. After harvesting in spring-time, the tea leaves are go through careful processing in a tea factory just down the road in Hulin Village. The leaves are then kept in cold-storage until late summer, when they are transported to Hengxian County, Guangxi Province where scenting with Jasmine flowers takes place.