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    Crowest Tea is an independent tea retailer tasked with unearthing the best teas that the world has to offer. Our staff travel to tea growing regions around the globe, taste-testing many different variety's of high grade harvests in order to select which teas to stock. When assessing a potential tea, our tasters will consider the taste, aroma, origin and leaf quality of each tea. We believe it is of great importance to support the communities in which our teas are grown. This is done through the creation of fair and ethical partnerships with the growers. We have worked closely with our selected growers to ensure that our customers receive fresh, high-quality and ethically-produced tea for the best price. All online orders are packaged by hand in our dedicated UK warehouse. We offer free economy shipping to all UK customers, with a first-class upgrade option. We also ship worldwide to 145 countries through Royal Mail.


    Tea tasting (April 2017)

    Tea tasting in China 2017