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    Crowest Tea is an independent tea specialist supplying a selected range of premium loose leaf teas from sustainable tea plantations in China, the Indian-Subcontinent, Africa and Mainland Southeast Asia. We currently operate exclusively out of our North London warehouse where we hand package all customer orders and send them to destinations all over the world.

    Our staff travel to tea farms and plantations around the globe with the sole task of unearthing the best teas that the world has to offer. We do all the hard work for you by personally taste-testing a wide range of fresh harvests from tea plantations scattered around the planet. We carefully consider the aroma, leaf quality/appearance, origin and taste of each harvest when deciding what varieties to stock for our customers.

    We believe it is of great importance to support the communities who work so hard to produce tea of a very high quality. We do this through forming fair and ethical partnerships with the tea plantations whose tea we purchase. We spend time visiting the plantations and getting to know the workers. We believe this is vitally important to ensure that all our tea is produced in reputable conditions.

     Young tea bushes in Xiafengcun, Fu’an City, Fujian Province, China

    Young tea bushes in Xiafengcun, Fu’an City, Fujian Province, China